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Global Events Listing – “Mother Earth Speaks” – Presentation at Spring Equinox 2018

Meditation, Healing and a presentation on the “Conversations with Mother Earth” series from Kathy Roseborough, Intuitive Healer, Teacher and Educator of Esoteric Principles. Kathy is the Founder of the World Healing Project and World Healing Academy who has dedicated herself to helping raise the awareness and spiritual consciousness of the human race.  Striving for a better world means we all need to work together and listen…truly listen to our Earth Mother who gave us our life; our bodies, our resources, materials to make our life better and an opportunity to co-create as a human family.  The human race needs to accelerate their responsibilities as stewards of this planet and to ensure that the environment is healthy for the lives of many generations still to come.

Kathy will present many of the “Conversations” that she has channelled and written from the Inner Temple during her own private study and meditative time.

Spring Equinox – 2018 –  What does the powerful ‘Aries” spring New Year Energy bring for you?

  •  Guided Meditations for your healing – focus on Spring “new beginnings and birth of Self” – Physical health and foundation
  •  Guided Healing meditation for your Energy (chakra) centres – emotional well being and physical health of body
  •  Focus on the new ARIES – (head) – the WILL power of your life – lets get rolling !  It’s Spring 2018 !
  •  Very inspiring for you…helps you with direction when you are in the Inner Temple…helps you find the Wise counsel you seek!

Chairs provided but you may wish to bring your yoga mat.

Time:  6:30 pm. to 9 pm.

Date:  Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Location:   Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts (CATA) in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Cost:  $40 per person – via etransfer to  or PayPal VISA/MC

Remember your family!!  Add a family member or friend – $20 each.  They can also receive mP3 audio file is desired.  Please provide their email address.

If you are unable to come in person…the evening will be audio taped and an mP3 file will be sent to registrants to enjoy at home after the presentation.

Registration Numbers