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Global Healing Prayers & Healing List

All are Welcome!  Being open to receive and allowing positive change to recreate your life; your health and well being!

World Healing Project – “Temple of Healing”

Receive free long distance healing twice a day for physical, emotional and spiritual needs! Follow the tweets!

Everyone is welcome to receive healing. . . The “team” joins together to create a Temple out of the collective thoughts of Peace and alignment to Universal Love and Intelligence for the greater good of all involved. Each is also intuitively in touch with the needs of the people during various cycles of the year including moon cycles and special equinox/solstice times.

Our first goal is to reach 100,000+ people receiving healing lifting up each into their heart chakra of LOVE! Please help by inviting at least 5 people that you know to join in. Send worldwide and invite everyone you know to receive and help change the consciousness of our human race and move towards Global Unity. It is time for everyone to know that they are not alone…we thank you!

In Light and in Peace,
Kathy Roseborough

Follow us on Twitter @MindLoveWill and you are immediately on the healing list. This also allows you to see the daily tweets that describe the healing that is being sent to you 2x per day for free!

Join us on Facebook and you also go onto the healing list.

Send us an email with your name and names of any family or friends that wish to receive the healing. You can even state your needs if you wish. Send to

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