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Reiki Healing – Training Courses

Certified Reiki Courses – 2019 !!

USUI Reiki – Certified Training for Yourself, Others and Pets too!

Level 1 and II – 2 day total

Reiki Master Course – 2 Days total

Hi Everyone!

Do you need healing? comfort? relief from stress?  Reiki is an amazing hands on healing tradition with no experience necessary to learn!

Reiki is one of the best ways to enter into the “art of Energy Healing” and the Level I is perfect for your self healing and for helping others if you choose.  I find Reiki excellent reducing stress, anxiety and worry too!

Reiki is amazing for your family (children love it), friends, your pets…truly even your house feels better!

Reiki in the USUI tradition is a practice you can learn that includes peaceful breathing meditation and hands-on Self healing techniques.  After you have been transferred, by your Reiki Master, the connection and understanding of this gentle practice, you will then be taught how you can share it with others during the training.  Hands on placements for yourself and others, personal alignment techniques and practical applications of Reiki are all shared during training.

Originating in the Far East, Dr. Mikao USUI introduced Reiki (Japanese to English translation is Universal Life Force) back in 1922 when he opened his clinic in Tokyo, Japan. He trained and treated many from that Clinic including Mrs. Takata of Hawaii who introduced Reiki to North America. It has grown exponentially since then all over the world and is a well documented and accepted form of Energy healing for balancing emotions, bringing clarity to one’s thoughts and helping one achieve a “spiritual” connection in the Universal sense.

Reiki is comforting, gentle and loving, and the Self-Help hand placements do wonders for you!  Looking forward to teaching you Reiki!

In Light and in Peace,

Kathy Roseborough
Reiki Master, Ho SHIN Master


Private Reiki Training for your own Self Healing to accompany your meditative practice.  This is a foundational teaching here at the World Healing Academy. I find that most students seek a self healing program to accompany their personal meditation program and self development program.  

Programs for Private Training Include:  

Private training is a unique program that I offer engaging you as a student in live channelled healing and meditations as well as your Initiations.  We look at your own personal challenges/needs for healing and draw out the underlying causes.  You are then trained to use your Reiki for yourself and then as you gain comfort and confidence with the program….for others too!

  • Reiki Level I, II and Masters (longer student sessions and pricing – see below)

Already a Reiki Master?  Unique 2 HOUR sessions:

These sessions include breathing training, guided meditation, alignment and healing for you.  These techniques taught are very refined and can be applied both to yourself and others where necessary.  All 2 hour private classes listed below are $300 per session.  Sessions can be in person or via Skype/Facetime

Choose from:

  • Student to Master – Learn how to work with the Ascended Masters of Reiki and Dr. USUI
  • Developing your Reiki Temple – How to work from the Higher Inner Temple – What is your Reiki Temple?
  • Opening the Sacred Reiki Akashic for your personal applications of your Spiritual Path
  • Re-awakening the Minor and Major Etheric Energy Centres with Reiki
  • Reiki for Healing your Digestive System and Reducing Cravings, Appetite Shifting, Weight Loss/Gain
  • Reiki for your Foods and Water – Changing the vibrational Life Force to True Template
  • Reiki for Anxiety and Stress – focused techniques
  • Reiki for Pain – focused techniques
  • Reiki for Improving Memory, Focus and Brain Function
  • Reiki to clear your home and increase harmony to each room
  • Reiki to send healing to each of your family members and address their challenges
  • Reiki for global healing – for those of you who wish to work on the environment; co-create CHANGE in the World
  • Reiki for strengthening and creating an alignment to your Creativity  –  eg. ART – bringing your Soul signature into the world
  • Reiki for your own Soul Signature of sacred gifts, skills, profession, from Universal Source through you to manifestation.
  • Reiki for your own pets (domestic or farm)

Each of the classes listed above are training classes and actual healings where you will join me in performing the Reiki Energy Healing as indicated.  You can then replicate this process on your own and follow up classes are available as well.

Reiki for your Pets! 

Be attuned to Reiki Level I/II in private session and learn how to apply your Reiki healing to your Blessed Pets!  This is a BASIC training that gives you the attunement, teaching, understanding of how Reiki works and the methodology of helping your pets heal!
“I personally used Reiki for my own cat, Muffin and she lived several years past what the vet indicated….and I opted out of the euthanasia as was strongly suggested for my intuition told me that Energy Healing through Reiki could possibly give her more years to enjoy life fully and she did !”
Whether your pet is in poor health or just needing a little extra TLC and Energy / Vitality….Reiki is a perfect gift from the Universal Source for your Blessed Pets!  So much LOVE in Reiki for Pets!
2 Days of Training, Attunements and Study in Private Session – Includes Reiki for Self and Reiki for Pets – Level I and Level II – USUI Reiki
Call/Text for Private Reiki training with Kathy Roseborough 647 281 8771

All Levels of Private Reiki Training are available throughout the Summer, 2019.  Connect – We can arrange together! 

Group Summer Classes – Upcoming in Innisfil:
Dates:  Level I – T.B.A., 2019 – Innisfil, ON
Time:  9:30 to 4:30
Dates:  Level II – T.B.A. – Innisfil, ON
Time:  9:30 to 4:30
NEW Dates:  Reiki Master Level Class – 2 days –  Saturday, September 14th, 2019 and Sunday, September 15th, 2019 – 405 Limerick Street. Churchill, ON (Innisfil)
Time: 9:30 to 4:30 pm. for the Reiki Master Classes
Bring your lunch and wear comfortable clothing – bring slippers.

REGISTRATION:   Contact me:  647 281 8771 or email

Group Training: Group Reiki Level I  – Cost is $ 200 per student Group Class (2 to 10)
Group Reiki Level II –  Cost is $ 300 per student Group Class (2 to 10)
Group Reiki Level I and II registration together save $25 – $475

Group REIKI Master – 2 days – COST:  $595 per student Group Class (2 to 6)  for the 2 days including manual

PRIVATE Training: 

PRIVATE training – USUI Reiki Level I – $625 –  USUI Reiki Level II – $825  –  USUI Reiki Master training $1200 – contact me at 647 281 8771

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