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The World Needs Truthful Healers, Teachers and Leaders

The World has Changed…It has shifted Direction.

Our month of October opens with the “butterflies of transformation” energy prominent amongst us and an extensive and deep opportunity for pulling up into your energy centres developing some of our greatest possibilities! How..when you see that anxiety, fear and nervousness seems to sweep the world, you ask?

Are you looking at your life ahead and thinking….Unfamiliar territory? Unknown? Deep and seemingly empty in many ways? Yes..because you are going to BUILD the future in alignment co-creatively with your Soul; your own inherent Divine Intelligence and Love.

When you look at the positive possibilities you are dreaming about you think and imagine amazing ideas…ideas perhaps that you believe will change the world in which we live in. You’re right of course..but you are not sure how to actually get this done; where to start of even perhaps how to do it. That’s fair and truthful as well. The space in front of you is like a blank canvas in many ways because you opened up so much over the last 6 weeks (right back to Solar eclipse in August) that you are in many ways numb and even confused about having so much freedom in your upper energy centres; so much access. This leads to your personal inquiry of just what it is you are supposed to do when you know that the world and the human race has somehow’s changed.

The majority of the world consciousness in no longer set on attaining great wealth, living on yachts and drinking champagne and caviar anymore….no. Rising from fear and uncertainty…The human consciousness is now much more interested in a secure world that is safe, clean and peaceful. The human being is interested in their financial security, health and wellbeing of their own family and communities; their countries. The world’s needs have changed and each of you are looking at how to answer this call to change.

Many of you are already engaged in such healthy and foundational meditative practices that you find that this helps stabilize your own personal world..whilst others are wondering what to do..and even still others are feeling that internal push to become leaders and teachers. We all have a role to play so pick up your mandate and move forward on it.

The world is currently out of order and unstable feeling quite disconnected from the Source that provides the stability each human being needs..their own Soul connection and heart integration. How does the world engage this? It’s trying as we speak..human beings are crying out and the Inner Temples of the Hierarchy of Light which you so fondly call Angels and Masters are all ears to this cry.

The world has many leaders emerging now..each of you in your own way are acting as leaders.. be it for your own self, your family or a country. The leaders we refer to now are the spiritual leaders.. who pick up the task of restoring order in the Kingdom. The Kingdoms on earth are made composed of a variety of qualities ranging from the most obvious to the most sublime energies. Your body, emotions, waters, air currents, thoughts, ideas and inspirations all need to align as kingdoms in an orderly fashion to sustain and hold permanently the new cycle of mankind’s spiritual evolution. The influences upon the human consciousness have rolled along further now into the Age of Higher Reason and Love under the great constellation of Aquarius and this will continue to roll out and pick up momentum too.

Being a part of this change consciously starts with your acknowledgement of the needs you have; the needs of your family, friends and human race. Observe what is required and get involved with being a part of that change and improvement.

Each can do their part starting with themselves. The “utter fear and madness” that is observed “out there” by your writers and journalists, politicians and religious leaders… is a result of the human being being disconnected from their own Soul’s guiding Light and instead being pumped daily with activities, trends, promotions and influences that continuously harm the individual’s expression.

The human being is bombarded with notions and directives by television and media across the globe to lock them down into the overwhelming confusion of the lower worlds of materialism and compelling them to be infatuated with desires, passions, addictions, appetites and accumulation of material goods. With this type of thought process invested into humans by the corporate businesses and those mandating what is allowed and disallowed, the human race is getting choked on their own disturbing images in their heads. Put those disturbing images into the mind of someone who is already precariously challenged as it is, and you have a recipe for tipping over into a dangerous zone.

The world needs to be filled now with higher thoughts of moral and ethical behaviour, caring for nature and one another and the forthright focus of bettering the world puling each other away from this entrapment and into the alignments of what their most inner reflective thoughts and natural states of existence can do for them instead.

The earth cannot sustain more and more goods being produced that end up in the waste sites and at the bottom of the oceans..nor can it manage it’s forests littered or waterways plugged with debris and plastic. Your environment clean up starts with each one of you in your hearts and the October transformational energy cycle is a walk through the shadows of illusion bursting forth into the enlightenment of the next major shift in November, 2017.

When you walk through this and identify clearly your role and begin organizing and acting upon that which you feel called to do from deep within you for yourself, your family or the active participation in your community and the world; your world will shift significantly. Transformation and the Scorpio influence of profound inner change to follow at month end, all leads to some of the most enriching experiences you could possibly imagine having!

Good health, well being and spiritual alignment is your Divine right; your inheritance which should be claimed now. The fear based notions and separation between women and men, races, religions, military might, territories and most importantly separation from the Soul must end now. Separation leads to disintegration and this is a time cycle of transformation of all this. The human family has cried out stating, No more..No more fear!

The Creative World; your realm of Angels and Archangels, Teachers and Ascended Masters is well aware of the human beings needs and consistency and increasingly extends the Light of the Portals that originates from Universal Source helping each person to find their own connections. You too can help others find their own connections; having found yours first and strengthening it as well.

The October 2017 month ahead is brimming with possibilities for each of you and motivation and endurance is offered to create that foundation and framework you need now. Building and strengthening this month..that’s your directive. Build your Inner Self connection and ideas plus directive will pour into your consciousness.

Turn your powerful MIND now to the development of these concepts in your own life and you will see change; change that will accelerate in a positive way. All that you need materially will come from this engagement; not the other way around. The popular leaders of this world that prompted you into attaining wealth first missed the mark on the real meaning of abundance. The Key to this will spring forth from that deeper connection from within. So Mote it Be.

Class Master

via Kathy Roseborough, Founder of the World Healing Project

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