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Wrapping up 2017 – The World needs the human race to be Conscious of Self

Hi Everyone!

What does the phrase, “Wake up everyone” really mean?  It is a passionate plea and call we cry out to each other; to the world for people to be awakened to just who they really are and to consciously participate in developing their inner Self and reality.

Each individual has to stop numbing themselves with shopping, food, drink, drugs, poor entertainment and slavery to the few who control the world’s daily living. By taking up your own spiritual path and making the changes you wish to see and experience yourself in 2018 and release yourself from the chains of the old paradigm. 

Each individual..(you)..needs to get involved in their own personal creative outlet; their dreams and goals.  To cherish family life, live simply with good food and water; rest and well being.  To say “enough already” to the corporate groups and people who want you to buy this and be used as guinea pigs for their latest drug and chemical experiments and instead choose to live according to how our Creator lovingly set up for each of us!

You have a purpose; you deserve to be loved and share love. You have a MIND..a wonderful MIND that can be formulating great thoughts and incredibly inspiring insights!

You can choose to have a 2018 year ahead that is unique unto you.  Let’s let the stress and worry turn to peace and creativity.

Know that you can have this now…”Wake yourself up!”  How?  Take the time out to sit down and make your plan for your health, creativity, hobby and profession.  Choose socially the lifestyle that best reflects your inner nature.  If you like the outdoors then make it a big part of your life! If you like to have quiet time reading and meditating..then choose that. See? You decide.  2018 is now.

In Light and in Peace,

Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles

Intuitive Teacher and Healer

Founder of the World Healing Academy